on July 1st, 1985the Beijing Beifang Immunoassay Institute was established as a small and medium-sized state-owned enterprise subordinated to the China Isotope Corporation. In 1994, it was renamed Beijing North Institute of Biological Technology (BNIBT).
BNIBT has dedicated to manufacturing, developing and marketing In-Vitro diagnostic products since its foundation. With 26years of expertise in IVD market BNIBT is one of the largest manufactures and suppliers of radioimmunoassay (RIA) products in China. Our RIA products, which currently number more than 100 kinds of kits, command a 30% share of the market. We also manufacture and market 90 kinds of ELISA KIT, 30 kinds of CLIA KIT, 25 kinds of TRFIA KIT, and 20 kinds of molecular biological products. The product line is filling with Thyroid Function, Fertility, tumor markers, Cardiovascular, Diabetes & Metabolism, Hepatitis, etc. Over 2700 clients have entered into business arrangement or long term supply contracts with us in various provinces and cities in China, except Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Some of our products have been in use in South Korea and Philippines for 10years.
Our research, development, and manufacturing operations are carried out in a state of the art 3500m2 facility designed in accordance with GMP standard and equipped with advanced instruments. The facility is capable of producing 300,000 immunoassay products annually. We gained the certificate of ISO 9000 in 1999 and GMP in 2004.
Our mission is to supply the high quality products and satisfied services to meet our customer needs.