Experts from Cuba Participated in Academic Research in a Cangzhou Hospital

2011-02-24 14:16:34

On August 21, 2009, Jorge Luis Cruz, an expert on neonatal screening and diagnosis from SUMA Company of Cuba, together with Zhao Yujun, an expert from The Northern Biotechnology Research Institute, visited the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Cangzhou (hereinafter referred to as the Hospital). Fu Licai, Deputy Director of the Health Bureau of Cangzhou and Zhang Dong, Head of the Hospital also took part in the academic exchange besides Han Fengmei and Bi Qing, two deputy heads of the Hospital.
The Hospital paid great attention to the academic research. They held a meeting and organized staff members to attend it. In the meeting, Mr. Cruz gave advanced apparatus produced by SUMA Company to the hospital as a gift and Mr. Fu, as the representative of our side, gave a present to Mr. Cruz in return. Afterwards, Mr. Cruz visited Obstetrical Department and Department of Pediatrics of the Hospital. In the end, he went to the Lab of Birth Health and Heredity and discussed screening, diagnosis of newborns and apparatus application with Di Wenzhi, Director of the Hospital.
In recent years, Beijing North Institute Of Biological Technology attached great important to academic and technological exchange with other countries. The technological cooperation program organized by SUMA Company of Cuba and our institute has laid a solid foundation for the improvement of our institute.